Good Eats: Umamicatessen

Happy Thursday everyone!

When I’m on vacations, I usually have 1 goal: To eat good food. The older I’ve gotten, the more adventurous I am with food but also a little more selective. You’d be hard pressed to get me to eat anything out of a box these days. But put me in a good restaurant and I’ll try anything under the sun. Food is one of the great loves of my life.

Anyways Rob is a burger man and I love a tasty burger too so Umami Burger is one of our favorite destinations. And long before Simply Evani was born, I blogged about our adventures in searching for Umami Burger in SF. So when google maps yet AGAIN led us astray and took us to a place called Umamicatessen, we were initially disappointed. But luckily, Umamicatessen is an Umami Burger and more, also featuring a kosher deli, a special pork menu AND fried to order doughnuts. I’m happy to report that after our meal, we weren’t disappointed at all!

So hipster. Like all Umami locations 🙂

Their onion rings are the crowning glory of sides. They are RIDIC.

I roughly have the taste buds of a man so onion stings, cheddar and chunks of bacon are RIGHT up my alley. The Manly burger is after my heart,

Their Dulce De Leche doughnut is SO yummy. Think churro in doughnut form.

Also, Umamicatessen is only a few streets down the the LA Fashion District so ladies, you can lure your man here for a meal and do a little shopping while you’re in Downtown LA! More on Santee Alley to come.

I’ve heard a LOT of good things about Father’s Office down in LA too, that’s on our list for our next SoCal trip! Any other burger places you suggest? I’d love to have burger/food recommendations from all over the U.S.!

Hope you’re salivating as much as I am now! Have a great day everyone!