Simply Traveling: Lodi Wine Tasting

Happy Thursday everyone!

Ever have one of those weeks where you’re just dying for it to be Friday already? I have been so exhausted lately! Anyhoot, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve linked up with Current Crush over at The Wright Stuff and I had just the post ready. My Current Crush: Wine Tasting!

For my birthday last year, my parents bought me limo service for wine tasting in Lodi, CA. Basically 4 hours in a limo taking me and 7 other guests wine tasting. I didn’t get to use it for my birthday last year and it expired before my birthday this year so I invited 3 of our favorite couples out to wine tasting just for fun.

We went to 3 fabulous wineries:

d’Art – A lovely winery started by a couple whose passions include art and wine. We met Helen Dart (the wife of the winemaker) and she lead us through a wonderful tasting of their delicious wines. It was only 10:30 am so we were classy individuals at this stop. I walked away with their Chardonnay, it was light and perfect for the last days of summer.

Oak Ridge Winery – Oak Ridge had a beautiful tasting room, with a wide selection of wines. They gave us a free tasting of 4 wines and for their palate cleanser they had pita chips which were a hit at that point in the day. And they have a wine club that can’t be beat! Clearly I had a good time wine tasting there because I don’t even remember the bottle we bought…

Delicato Vineyards – We were lured to this place by a big billboard for Gnarly Head wine and we weren’t disappointed. Their tasting room was so spacious and we sampled 6 free wines there plus a dessert port blend that was delicious. I know we walked away with a HandCraft wine, I just don’t remember what it was… haha

I’ve always been a little intimidated by wine selection but thanks to our first wine tasting I’ve realized that I’m a Chardonnay, Petit Sirah and Cabernet Savignon girl.

I’d never gone wine tasting before so it was a pleasant surprise how FUN and educational it was. I’d be lying if I said we weren’t all LOVING life at the 3rd stop (but we weren’t obnoxious, I don’t think lol). And after 4 hours of wine tasting, we weren’t ready for the party to stop so we had the limo drop us off at Chevy’s for Happy Hour! We weren’t entirely sure how we’d get home but once Margaritas were mentioned, there was no turning back. Just thinking about it makes me laugh, taking the limo to Chevy’s, haha.

Someone told Chevy’s it was my birthday (which it wasn’t but technically we were using my 23rd birthday present) where they proceeded to sing happy birthday, throw a sombrero on me and literally from behind, pour a shot into my mouth. Considering I haven’t taken a shot since my junior year of college, I was just glad it didn’t come back up. Lol Rob looked as shocked as I was about that. But overall it was SUCH an amazing time and definitely my favorite 2nd 23rd birthday ever!! Thank you to my wonderful friends for coming and thanks Mom and Dad! 🙂

Wine Tasting Tip: If you’re going to be tasting for a few hours, bring FOOD. Our friends Jeremy and Casey were kind enough to bring salami and rolls and I packed some olive oil and bread. Saved our lives that day…

Did I mention Rob and I had a wedding to go to right after this? DEATH.

Have you gone wine tasting before? What is your favorite type of wine?

Happy Day before Friday!

Simply Traveling : Windsor, CA

Happy Monday loves!

Ever have one of those weekends where it just feels like sheer perfection? For me, our weekend in Windsor was just that! My brother’s team won 1 game each on Saturday and Sunday so we had the luxury of spending 2 days and 1 night in Wine Country. While we spent all of that time with 14 pre-teen boys and none of it wine tasting, it was impeccable weather and sheer bliss relaxing. I will certainly be returning for some wine tasting soon, it was too beautiful to pass up!

The Hilton Sonoma Wine Country was beautiful and so gracious to a huge group that included way too many rowdy boys. My favorite part by FAR was the pool (pictured above). We spent our entire Saturday afternoon lounging on the most comfortable pool cushions , taking naps and enjoying the scenery. The only thing that would’ve made it better is a glass of wine or two! Yeah, since it was family friendly (and my parents don’t drink) I didn’t indulge in a single glass while in wine country. Next time for sure 😉  I also want more pictures of wineries, we drove by some beautiful ones!

I think I’m falling more in love with Northern California.

Also, my little brother pitched like a BOSS, 6 innings and getting the Win versus one of the hardest teams! So proud!

How was your weekend? I hope you had a good one 🙂

Happy Monday! (Hey, it’s a short week so I’m happy it’s Monday!)

Good Eats : Sac Chef Challenge

This past Saturday, Rob’s Mom was lovely enough to buy us tickets to the Sacramento Chef Challenge event, benefitting InAlliance. It was an amazing event with a ton of food, a chef cook-off, cupcake bake-off and wine/beer tastings. At the door we were given a bag of goodies, including a wine glass and a wristband allowing us 5 beer/wine tastings. Needless to say, my wristband was well used!

It was my first time attending an event like this and it definitely won’t be my last! So many yummy things were had and my favorites were Shock Top raspberry wheat beer, It’s a Grind black tea sweetened with peach, the Dynamite salmon roll from Pyramid Alehouse, the strawberry shortcake cupcake from Vanilla Bean and the Lucero lemon olive oil.

Ladies, if you don’t find yourself enjoying beer you have to try Shock Top raspberry wheat beer. It’s delicious! Definitely a summer win.

The best part of the event is that the proceeds went to InAlliance, a nonprofit that supports people with developmental disabilities. Never has giving back felt so good :). Thanks Delia for the tickets and InAlliance for a wonderful fundraiser!

Have you ever been to an event like this? Do you like doing different summer weekend festivals?

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Have a great Tuesday loves!